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12/05/14 – Article from IntraFish: “Maintenance costs cut in half”

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Danish Hvalpsund Net think that cage nets from Dyneema gives fishfarmers great opportunities. But due to the suppliers wanting to ensure maintenance revenue, the suppliers don’t want to market the new products. Hvalpsund Net want to change that.


– Article written by Anders Furuset of IntraFish (Norwegian). The original norwegian article can be read by clicking here (PDF) >>


IntraFish meets up with seller Casper Petersen in Brussels. According to him, Dyneema products are widely available in the regions compared to Norway. It’s not in the farmers’ interest, he said.


– “Our Norwegian competitors have many service revenues. They have no interest in selling a product that significantly reduces the need for service. We would like to sell a combined package that gives the customer the most value.”


The seller says that Dyneema nets typically cost 60-70 percent more than traditional nylon nets, but saves you money on the maintenance part. In addition to the economic benefits, there are other benefits as well.


– “The consumption of preservative is halved compared to what is spent on general nets. Thin nets provides better waterflow and less strain on the ring during stormy weather.”

Smaller nets also means simpler logistics.


– “A Dyneema net takes up half as much space as a nylon net, so you can have twice as many nets in the same boat and truck. Furthermore, there are other benefits such as less algae growth.”


Norway, here we come

The Danish company has so far focused on Norway to a small degree.


– “We have had not enough focus on Norway in recent years due to large customers in Scotland and Tasmania. Now that we have a greater production capacity we will focus on Norway,” Petersen says.


He also points out that ”you can’t go into the Norwegian market half-heartedly. It will have our highest attention and we have the capacity to achieve that in 2014.”


Great interest at the exhibition

Petersen is very satisfied with the exhibition.


– “We’ve had a surprising number of visitors. We’ve had people from all over the world; from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia. We’ve recieved excellent feedback.”


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