Fish light

Hvalpsund Net offers high powered LED submersible fish light for fish pen applications.

Hvalpsund Net - LED Fish light MLT - 650W LED power provides excellent output

LED Fish light – MLT


650W LED power provides excellent output.


Optional Tuned light output to maximize livestock growth and optional Intelligent Thermal Dimming Technology to Protect LED engine from termal overload, maximizing unit lifetime.



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Optional Soft startup wich turns up light gradually to maximum over 15 minutes to prevent startling of livestock


Solid state technology allows hassle free operation and handling.


Optinal Remote Control and Monitoring.  


Flexible Cable Options. Available with supplied terminated flexible cable or wet-mate-cable submersible connector.


Technology: Light Emitting Diode
Power: 605W
Voltage: 100 – 260 VAC 50/60Hz
Power Factor: 0.95
Life: 50,000 hours
Luminous Flux: 52,000 lumens (white)
Weight: 11.3 kg (without cable)



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