Mooring systems products


Hvalpsund Net offers a wide range of mooring systems products. Take a look:

Buoys & Fenders

Marking your territory and protecting your property.

Anchor & Anchor Chain

Strong anchors, studlink- and studless chain – mint and second hand

Anchor-plates & Rings

High quality laser cut anchor plates and welded rings.


High quality Dyneema®-, nylon- and polysteel ropes.


Wide range of standard and customized thimbles.

Shackles & Carabinhooks

H-and D bow type of shackles. Standard Caribinhooks.

Swivel & Quicklink

Secures straight, unstressed connections and instant reparation.


Certified safety hooks, securing maximum safety in all lifting jobs.

Gyro- & Steel Rings

Stainless steel gyros and rings – providing safe lifting points.

Steel goods

Wide range of miscellanious, high quality steel products.


The safest solution

Hvalpsund Net - Terms of delivery - Your goods will be delivered with delivery truck or package delivery

Terms of delivery

Your goods will be delivered with delivery truck or package delivery. By purchases * over 5,000 excl. VAT delivery is free throughout Denmark with the exception of Bornholm, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. For purchases below 5,000 excl. VAT freight costs are added.

(*This does not apply for bargains)

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Our suppliers

  • DyneemaDyneema
  • BuraschiBuraschi
  • CittadiniCittadini
  • NetmarkNetmark
  • LanexLanex
  • Van BeelenVan Beelen
  • Brdr Markussens Metalvarefabrik A/SBrdr Markussens Metalvarefabrik A/S
  • EgeplastEgeplast
  • FlexabarFlexabar
  • Steen HansenSteen Hansen
  • LiftupLiftup
  • NoomasNoomas
  • Holm & HolmHolm & Holm
  • MerlettMerlett
  • TollToll
  • OxyGuardOxyGuard
  • Salling PlastSalling Plast

Our 30+ years of experience in the aquaculture industry – has given us a unique insight into which companies supply the best materials. We have high standards for our solutions – and our suppliers match these standards.