Net claw

Hvalpsund Net offers net claws with ring floats. The claw itself is made in stainless steel.

Hvalpsund Net - Net claw with ring float - Stainless steel hook moulded into ring floats

Net claw – with ring float


Stainless steel hook moulded into ring floats.



Tel: +45 98638188




Item number

One size

Stainless steel

89 38 278

Our suppliers

  • DyneemaDyneema
  • BuraschiBuraschi
  • CittadiniCittadini
  • NetmarkNetmark
  • LanexLanex
  • Van BeelenVan Beelen
  • Brdr Markussens Metalvarefabrik A/SBrdr Markussens Metalvarefabrik A/S
  • EgeplastEgeplast
  • FlexabarFlexabar
  • Steen HansenSteen Hansen
  • LiftupLiftup
  • NoomasNoomas
  • Holm & HolmHolm & Holm
  • MerlettMerlett
  • TollToll
  • OxyGuardOxyGuard
  • Salling PlastSalling Plast

Our 30+ years of experience in the aquaculture industry – has given us a unique insight into which companies supply the best materials. We have high standards for our solutions – and our suppliers match these standards.